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Our Services

"Accounting precision, excellence assured."


  • Precise Encoding and Entry Management

  • 24/7 Financial Reporting via HBGF Cloud

  • Accurate VAT and Tax Declarations

  • Detailed Establishment of Balance Sheets

  • Efficient RCS Filing

  • Strategic Advice and Recommendations for Financial Optimization

Salaries & HR

  • Remuneration Certificate Preparation

  • Guidance through company and employee registration

  • Drafting of Employment Contracts

  • Salary Simulation Execution

  • Precise Salary Calculations and Pay Slip Issuance in Accordance with Legal Requirements

  • Full Management of Social Security

  • Administrative Procedures

  • Streamlined Payment Management with Secure Multiline Transfer Options

  • Detailed Annual Statement Calculations for Clear Accounting Records

  • Confidential Distribution of Pay Slips

  • Round-the-Clock Access to Your Data

HB Cloud

  • Discover our Cloud solutions for accounting: HBGF Cloud for secure management of accounting documents, as well as a Cloud invoicing software for simplified management of your finances. Benefit from full accessibility to financial data, top-notch security, and expert support to optimize your accounting management.


  • Accounting Expertise regulated by the OEC (Order of Chartered Accountants)

  • Advanced Tax Advice

  • Advanced strategies for optimal tax management, based on in-depth expertise

  • Tax Simulations

  • Statutory Auditor

  • Private Declaration

  • Self-Employed & Traders

  • Statutory Auditor

  • Bearer Share Depository

HB Jobs

  • Employee Search, Executive Search, and Headhunting Services

  • Elevate your hiring strategy with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

  • Expert Talent Acquisition Consulting

  • Comprehensive Expatriate Support Services

  • Professional Coaching and Development Programs

Creation of a company

  • We are here to help you create a company in Luxembourg and determine the structure that best suits your needs. We also offer services for modification, transfer, and liquidation of companies to help you confidently develop your business.

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